The Kyle Lockwood designed SILVER FERN FLAG is made right here in New Zealand. The flags are 100% polyester, a strong synthetic fibre which dyes beautifully to give crisp, clear graphics and fade resistant colours.

Our flags are made in the official standard 2:1 ratio - 1.8 metres x 0.9 metres (6 feet x 3 feet) and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


Never be mistaken for an Australian or British tourist again! order our new 5.5cm by 10cm (approx 2 inch by 4 inch) IRON ON PATCHES Avoid confusion and show your support for New Zealand - a must for travellers, Kiwis overseas, or those about to do their O.E!

Ideal for sewing or ironing onto your travel bag, or clothing. These patches are high quality, fully embroidered, and have fade resistant threads.


Press & television coverage featuring our flag from NZ and around the world

Christchurch 4 January 2006

The largest ever representation of the silver fern has been planted in a maize field in Halswell, Christchurch, in an effort to find out how many people think New Zealand needs a new flag.

Halswell maize maze owner Steve Godfrey has planted three football fields of maize with an alternative design to New Zealand’s present flag. His choice is a Silver Fern and Southern Cross star combination designed by Kyle Lockwood.

“I want to see whether in Christchurch, New Zealand’s most English of cities, people are interested in moving away from a flag that has its origins in England to a flag that has its origins in New Zealand” says Mr Godfrey. “This largest ever representation of the silver fern is just one possible design for a new flag.”

“In previous travels around the world I always found that people see our current flag and think it is Australia’s or else they don’t even know what it is. However everyone always seems to recognise the silver fern. To me it makes sense to change the flag and give ourselves a bit more of an identity” says Mr Godfrey.

The fern, at a length of 150m, is also accompanied by the four stars of the Southern Cross, bringing together in one giant design two of the most famous symbols of New Zealand.

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A future flag for New Zealand

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